Thursday, 19 May 2016

Unity - How to use VSCode with Unity 5

Visual Studio Code is the last entry made by Microsoft and it remembers editor like
Both of them great editors.
Visual Studio Code has several good aspects:

  • It's free
  • It's lightness (It's an Editor not an IDE)
  • bring multiplatform versions (linux, windows and MacOSX)
  • C# syntax highlighning (with code completion)
  • Has a built-in GIT support (nice feature)
  • It can be used in a Unity Project (instead of Visual Studio or MonoDevelop)
 Here you can see a Unity session with VSCode.

To install and configure VSCode for Unity, follow these steps:

Install Visual Studio Code

  • Go here
  • Download your platform version
  • Install it
  • Install omnisharp: open Visual Studio Code, Quick Open (Ctrl+P) and digit "ext install omnisharp" then press enter to install it

Install VSCode/Unity Plugin:

  • Download the plugin via GIT or ZIP file git clone

How Integrate VSCode with Unity with plugin

  1. Open Unity
  2. Create a New Projecy (or open an existing one)
  3. Unzip (or copy) plugin into your asset directory (copy the Plugins\Editor\dotBunny directory to your project)
  4. To turn on the plugin, you will need to go to Unity Preferences and select the VSCode tab
  5. Open VSCode and point to the ASSET directory
  6. Enjoy !!!


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VSCode Github
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